Why Its High Time You Hired an Escort

Dating in London can take its toll on even the most die-hard romantics. Heres why you should hook up with escorts instead.

If youre trying to navigate the London dating scene, then you dont need us to tell you that it can be a complete minefield. If only there was an easier way to meet women in the capital. Well, your prayers have just been answered! By ditching dating and calling La Belle Affaire, you could enjoy encounters with gorgeous girls in London with none of the hassle. Heres five reasons to make the switch.

High maintenance girls

London girls are very high maintenance, and dating them can be trying for even the most patient man. So rather than spend an evening with a woman who will only visit the most expensive London restaurants or expects you to wait on her hand and foot, hire an escort instead! The escorts from La Belle Affaire are really laid-back, and will go along with whatever you have planned for the evening. You call the shots, with zero compromises.

Busy schedules

London is such a fast-paced city, and it seems as if everyone has a jam-packed schedule. That can make it pretty hard to date. How many times have you found a girl you really like on Tinder or another dating app, only to realise that theres no date in the foreseeable future where you are both free for a drink? With an escort, that problem is eliminated. You name the time and place, and the babe of your choice will be there. It couldnt be easier.

The ladies arent classy

If youre a gentleman with high standards, it can be hard to find classy girls in the capital. All too often youll see women falling out of London nightclubs, dressed inappropriately, or behaving in a way that isnt betting of a lady. When you hire an escort, you can be sure that youll be spending the evening with a woman with real class. Impeccably dressed and behaved, the girls at La Belle Affaire are a cut above the rest.

Its expensive

It might seem odd that were about to suggest hiring an escort to save money, but hear us out! When you head out on a date in London, its so easy to get carried away and spend a lot of money. When you have an escort booked for the evening, you know in advance how much your night of fun is going to cost you. So its much easier to factor escorts into your budget than dating.

Pressure to commit

When you date girls in London, you can feel under a lot of pressure to commit. So if you only want to play the field, you could end up upsetting some women. Luckily, there are no-strings-attached with escort appointments. You can see the La Belle Affaire babe of your choice as little or as often as you like, with no expectations at her end. Its such a weight off a mans mind, and allows him to just relax and have fun.

Escorts are just ideal

As you can see, theres no reason to carry on dating as you were. Hiring an escort is so much simpler, and youll be able to enjoy dates with women completely on your terms. Whether youre a seasoned womaniser or lacking romantic experience, La Belle Affaire are waiting for your call tonight!

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