escort directorySometimes Its Better To Go It Alone

With escort directories offering unrivalled choice to clients, agencies arent the only way to make a success of escorting.

When someone is searching for an escort, theyll quickly notice that there are two distinct types. The first is escorts who are working through an agency, and the second is escorts who are working independently. While both have benefits for clients, independent escorts often find it easier to attract more customers. Why? Well, they can set their own rules and do escorting the way that suits them, rather than having to fit in with an agencys vision. Guys like a strong, independent woman with bags of confidence when theyre looking for someone whos going to give them a night to remember.

Her way

An independent escort is free to work as she sees fit. She can dress how she likes, target a particular group of clients, work the hours that suit her and be without the restrictions an agency can impose. This doesnt mean that these ladies take unnecessary risks or put their clients in dangerous situations though. They take their health, and as as result their clients health, incredibly seriously. They visit their doctor regularly to keep up to date with the relevant checks, and they dont bend the rules for certain clients. This means that none of her dates will be put in any danger.

Escort directories

Signing up to an escort directory is a great way for independent escorts to attract more customers. A guy will head to an escort directory to find local girls in his area because its one of the quickest ways to book a date. Each escorts profile will include some photos, her vital statistics and a short bio. Independent escorts can really let their personalities shine through on these profiles, and they can use it as an opportunity to lay out their rules too. Now that escort directories are directly rivalling agency websites in terms of interest, any savvy escort should secure herself a spot on one.


An independent escort can take complete control of her own branding and marketing. When tied to an agency, shell be photographed in a style that fits in with their vision, and marketed to clients who the agency thinks that shell appeal to. While theres nothing wrong with that, its more suited to new escorts who need a little guidance. An experienced independent escort can set up her own website, advertise where she feels shell generate the most interest, and even bond with potential clients through a social media page or a blog. Shell be able to get across who she really is, and this transparency will benefit both her and her clients.

Its better to go solo

Escorting independently does have lots of benefits. Of course, the quality of service a client can expect from an independent escort is the same as one hired through an agency. Shell arrive at your hotel or home discreetly, and will keep the details of your date to herself. No matter who she is working with or for, an escorts number one priority is her clients satisfaction and pleasure. So whether youre a guy looking for a hot date or an escort looking to attract more clients, an escort directory is the way to go! So why not give it a go?

How Do Independent Escorts Get More Customers?

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