How to Be an Escorts Favourite ClientLearning the correct conduct when dealing with an escort is important; its imperative that you know what to do and what not to do when you meet cheap London escorts for the first time.

Follow these simple steps and you will soon become an escorts favourite client!


Do your research

Its good to do some background knowledge to ensure you and your client are both safe. Does your escort have a website? Does she have ads going back at least 6 months? Does she have reviews? Google her name, phone number or email before contacting her to ensure she is legit. If you are booking an escort through an agency, they would have already been screened and verified, but theres no harm in checking still.

Expect to be screened yourself for her own safety, be respectful and provide whatever information she requires.

Be on time

Good time keeping is a must when it comes to booking an escort, so be on time or make sure to call if you think you will be more than 10 minutes late. Unless you are giving notice of a time change well in advance, expect to pay for the time you missed. Respect the escorts time and schedule and dont linger, as it can become awkward if you overstay your time.

Money first

When it comes to paying your escort, always refer to the payment as a gift and make sure not to hand it to her directly. Escorts often inform you where to leave the gift, which is usually somewhere in the bathroom. This will settle the escort and not put her in an awkward position in having to ask for it.

Be respectful

Above all, be nice, treat her like a lady and be respectful. She is a real person after all, so you dont need to feel intimidated by her. Dont feel as if you have to blow her mind sexually, as she is there for you. She is a real woman with real likes and dislikes, so read her cues and make sure youre not doing something that she doesnt like.

How to Be an Escorts Favourite Client

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