gay-marriageYour Guide to Living and Loving After Youve Come Out

If youve just come out as gay, then you better get ready because the fun has only just begun!

Just come out of the closet? Then first of all, congratulations! Youve taken the most difficult step, and now so many new experience and opportunities await. To help you get started, weve put together a little guide for you. From meeting other guys to getting comfortable in the bedroom, weve got you covered.

Meet other men

One of the first things you should do is get out there and have some fun! Meeting fellow gay men is essential when you have just come out. Youll be able to make friends who will be able to offer you advice, find out how to navigate the gay scene and if you are lucky, meet someone special. Take a look and see if there are any gay clubs in your local area, and join groups on social media to connect with men near you.

Figure out what turns you on

Its important to do a little experimentation before you start hooking up with guys. Youll be able to find out what it is that you like, and become more comfortable with the idea of sex with another man. So dont be afraid to check out some gay porn sites, read some magazines and scour the internet for some tips and tricks. Its all the name of becoming a better lover, after all!

Buy some toys

While were on the subject of experimentation, lets talk about sex toys. Using sex toys is such a great way to broaden your horizons in the bedroom, and there are so many out there for you to choose from! Cock rings, butt plugs and anal beads are great for beginners, while dildos and vibrators are great for gearing up for anal sex. So treat yourself to a few cheeky purchases!

Be safe

No matter now much fun you are having by yourself or with a partner, its important to always put safety first. Be sure to stock up on plenty of Gay Lubricants to use with your sex toys or during intercourse, so that the experience is as safe and as comfortable as possible. Condoms are a must too, especially if youre going to be having fun with multiple partners.

Just relax

Lastly, its important to put no pressure on yourself. Coming out as gay opens up a whole new world of opportunity for you, but its important to not have unrealistic expectations. Youll have a few embarrassing moments with new partners and youll try some things that you dont like in the bedroom. As long as you can laugh, move on and focus on having fun, youll soon settle into your new life with no problems at all.

Theres no stopping you now!

Now that you know how to broaden your horizons in and out of the bedroom, its time to start having fun! You should always buy your lube and toys from a trusted online retailer like Esmale. In fact, theyve got everything you need to get started. So this weekend, set aside a day to do some shopping as well as seeing whats happening in your local area and thinking about what youd like to get up to.

Just Came Out As Gay? Know These Top Tips!

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