the best escorts in London are Dolls n RosesIts Never Worth Cutting Corners

When it comes to escorts, its always worth splashing out on the best that money can buy.

Were all familiar with the phrase you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, some men can forget this when they are booking an escort for the evening. There are so many women working as escorts in London, and some of them will try to lure you in with ultra-low prices or services that sound just too good to be true. Well, they probably are! For a truly excellent service, it is always worth opting for a premium escort. So where can you find these exclusive companions? At Dolls and Roses youll be able to choose from some of the best premium escorts in London.

Always book with an agency

If you are looking for a premium escort, its essential that you book through a top London escort agency. Although its tempting to opt for an independent escort who boasts of no rules and low rates, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment at best, and putting yourself at risk at worst. The girls at agencies like Dolls and Roses must meet extremely high standards, work within the law, and are always happy and healthy. Agencies are the best bet for clients and escorts alike.

Elegant London escorts

Have you been searching for escorts only to find that the ladies are dressed in cheap, tacky clothes that leave nothing to the imagination? Then youve just been looking in the wrong places. If you want to spend an evening with a classy lady, then you should always opt for a premium escort. These ladies will always be dressed elegantly in clothes that give you a tantalising glimpse of their gorgeous figures rather than putting everything on display.

Not just a pretty face

When you hire a premium escort youll be spending time with a girl who is far more than just a pretty face. These ladies are at home in the highest circles of London society, and thats down to their extensive education and experience of a huge variety of dates. Thanks to their quick wit and sparkling personalities, theyre a joy to talk to. Theyll always act with decorum too, so youll be able to welcome them into your home or London hotel room with complete confidence.

An escort you can trust

A gentleman will always want to keep the details of his love life private, so wont want it to be common knowledge that he uses escorts. Dolls and Roses are mindful of that, and have put together a service thats built on trust and discretion. Your booking will be taken by a team wholl handle your requests with the sensitivity that they deserve, and your escort will be instructed to arrive for your date discreetly. After your time together has come to an end, your escort will never kiss and tell.

You deserve the best

Its always tempting to cut corners, but you should never do so when booking an escort. Opting for a premium escort from a top London agency will guarantee you an out of this world experience. Alongside unbelievable sensuality youll get discretion and professionalism and thats far from a certainty at other agencies. So treat yourself to the best. After all, youve earned it.

Premium Escorts Are Always Best

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